Southern Finistere


Beaches and islands in Finistère

Beaches with crystal clear waters

With 1200 kilometres of coast, Finistère is the department with the longest coastline in France. You will find an unrivalled selection of beaches, from wide stretches of sand to unpoilt hidden coves. The golden sand and clear turquoise waters are often compared to the carribean islands. Which is where the beach near the campsite gets its name « Tahiti beach ».

The beaches are cleaned regularly and host activities and sports tournaments (beach volleyball, football…). The times depend on the tide, obviously !

The beaches in Finistère are perfect for relaxing and swimming with your family or friends, with fabulous seascapes as a backdrop. There are several beaches near the campsite in Trégunc and in the nearby towns of Concarneau, Névez, Fouesnant and Bénodet.

Idyllic islands in southern Finistère

A trip to the Finistère would not be complete without a trip around the beautiful islands off the coast of Brittany. Many of them are protected to maintain their authenticity, but you can still visit them !

The Glénan islands is an archipelago renowned for its white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters. It is comprised of a dozen or so islands opposite Pointe de Trévignon. It’s a great family day out ! Just hop on a ferry, not far from the campsite, and you’ll soon be exploring this nature reserve covered with Glénan Narcissus, a small white flower which blooms in April.

Discover Goulenez lighthouse (open to the public in the summer), on Ile de Sein an idyllic island off the coast of Finistère a few miles from Pointe du Raz. You can also visit the islands of Ouessant (the furthest west of all the islands in Brittany) and Molène, off the coast of Le Conquet.
Ile de Batz, Ile Vierge and Ile Callot are also remarkably pretty islands but are slightly further away on the northern coast of Finistère.


Pays de Cornouaille

Cornouaille, or French Cornwall, is an area in southern Finistère offering some fabulous walks.

It is also steeped in history and culture with plenty of places of interest to visit : castles, chapels, calvaries, fountains, manor houses and gardens.

The « Pays de Cornouaille » is a vast area covering the whole of southern Finistère. It comprises 10 towns including Concarneau-Cornouaille (second largest number of inhabitants), where Trégunc and pointe de Trévignon are located. It also includes Quimper-Communauté (further inland), Cap-Sizun, Haut-Pays-Bigouden, Bas-Pays-Bigouden, Pays-de-Châteaulin-et-du-Porzay, Pays-de-Douarnenez, Pays-Fouesnantais, Pays-Glazik and Pays-de-Quimperlé.

The area is renowned for several specialities : tuna in Concarneau, langoustines in Loctudy, sardines in Douarnenez, oysters of Belon… And don’t miss out on a trip to one of the seven fishing harbours which produce a quarter of the country’s fresh fish.

You can also visit local biscuit factories, cider works, brasseries and clothes factories.

Must-visits in southern Finistère

The Pommeraie de l’Océan campsite is the ideal base from which to explore southern Finistère.

Visit Concarneau, its « ville-close » (walled town), fishing harbour and marina located near the campsite. Pont-Aven, a pretty village renowned for its « galettes » (biscuits) and painters is also a definite must-visit.

Quimper, a town steeped in history and culture, is also a must-visit. The capital of Finistère boasts a splendid cathedral and preserved timber-framed houses, and is renowned for its crafts and festivities. Slightly further away, is Locronan, a small town of character renowned for its old stones.
The headland Pointe du Raz, a designated « Grand Site de France » and Pointe du Van, are breathtaking sites, separated by the Bay of Trépassés. Monts d’Arrée, Douarnenez, Le Guilvinec, Loctudy, Ile Tudy, Pointe de la Torche, Bénodet, Fouesnant, Forêt-Fouesnant, Pointe de Penmarch and Pont-l’Abbé are all towns steeped in legends and culture, worth the detour.

You can also explore the Crozon peninsula, Camaret, Pointe de Penhir, Pointe de la Chèvre and Eckmühl lighthouse.

Excursions and the GR34 coastal path

Numerous boat trips not to be missed

There are plenty of places to explore and trips to go on departing near the campsite.

In southern Finistère you can try your hand at sea fishing, angling and shellfish gathering.

Another great day out is a cruise on an old yacht or a boat trip on the rivers of Belon, Aven, Laïta or the Odet

Finistère also provides the opportunity to try numerous watersports such as sailing, surfing, stand-up paddle, diving, sand yachting, kite-surfing and kayaking. Other activities can be enjoyed nearby such as golf, horseriding, flying, adventure parks, mazes…
If you are not quite so adventurous but love your food, then you won’t be disappointed ! Discover the cider works, biscuit factories, brasseries, canning factories and oyster farms.

Hiking and the GR34 coastal path

The GR34 is one of the most emblematic of the Grande Randonnée (GR) hiking trails in France. It runs along the coast around Brittany on what was once the customs officer’s path. Discover the breathtaking, picture perfect views along the way.

From the campsite, take the pathway at Saint Philibert chapel (300m). This tree-lined path with a fitness trail along the way, leads to the GR34 (800m). If you take a right turn, you will head towards Pointe de Trévignon and Concarneau and a left turn takes you to Névez and Pont-Aven.
The « Chaumières de Kerascouet » circuit offers breathtaking views over the ocean and Glénan islands then leads you to the village of thatched cottages (15th century).

Fields, beaches, coastal paths, forests… You have a choice of footpaths and cycle paths.

Don’t hesitate to ask the reception staff to guide you on walks and hikes to suit you.

A department on the coast

Fishing harbours and direct sales

There are no less than 7 fishing ports and fish auctions in southern Finistère, the most important fishing region in France. They include Concarneau, Douarnenez, Le Guilvinec, Audierne, Lesconil, Loctudy and St Guénolé-Penmarc’h.

You can buy fresh fish from the harbours and from the fishermen who lay out their catch when they come in at the end of the day. You can buy fresh fish and crustaceans in Trévignon for example : mackerel, red mullet, lobsters, spider crabs, langoustines as well as oysters and mussels. The locals are proud to be able to buy this fresh seafood fished off the coast of Finistère.

Watersports and marinas

The Finistère is renowned for watersports. You can dive off the coast and in the Glénan islands which is renowned for the clarity of its waters. You can also hire a canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle and discover the coast from the sea. More experienced sailors can hire a sailing boat or motorboat (with or without a permit). There are lots of companies who offer sailing, windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing lessons too. These activities are popular in the Finistère as the conditions are often ideal.

The main ports in Finistère are Concarneau, Port-La-Forêt, Bénodet, Sainte-Marine, Loctudy, Audierne and Douarnenez. Filled mainly with yachts, these ports are also home-ports for great champions such as Jean Le Cam and Michel Desjoueaux. Many others come here to train before regattas like Armel Le Cléac’h, Marc Guillemot and Vincent Riou. You can sometimes see them practising in the bay (the opening to the east is Pointe de Trévignon).

Culture in Finistère

Language and religious heritage

There were several dialects of the Breton language in the Finistère. The most common was spoken in southern Finistère (Cornouaillais) and still is today. Bilingual classes exist for those who want to keep this Breton culture alive.
It is difficult to walk around Brittany without coming across religious heritage. You will often see calvaries even in the most isolated places. In the towns, you will come across splendid churches and chapels. In southern Finistère, Saint Corentin cathedral in Quimper is open to the public.

Finistère today

The Finistère is a department to the extreme west of Brittany with a population of 900000 over approximately 6733km². The capital of Finistère is Quimper and the subprefectures are Brest, Châteaulin and Morlaix.
The Finistère key sectors are agriculture, fishing, business, arts and crafts and toursim.

Fishing is also an important part of the economy as it provides seafood for the majority of the country.

Commerce plays an important role with a large number of independent contractors in the food industry (butchers, bakeries, fishmongers, delicatessen…) as well as textile (Guy Cotten, whose head office is in Trégunc, Armor Lux…), objects (faïencerie Henriot…).

Tourism is another important industry in Finistère. Thanks to its rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes, Finistère is one of the most popular areas with tourists in France. Over 3.4 million nights are booked in campsites in Finistère out of a total of 9.7 million in Brittany in 2014. And the numbers just keep on rising…

Your holiday at La Pommeraie de l’Océan in southern Finistère

The Pommeraie de l’Océan campsite is ideally located in Trégunc on the headland, Pointe de Trévignon between Concarneau and Pont-Aven. Popular coastal resorts such as Fouesnant, Bénodet and Lorient are all within easy reach of the campsite.

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